A few more details about Warner Music Group’s proposal to issue blanket music licenses to ISPs trickled out at the Digital Music Forum East conference this week, where industry consultant Jim Griffin—the man behind the plan—was a featured speaker.

According to published reports, Griffin said the bulk of the initiative is aimed at the university market under the banner of Choruss. But exactly what Choruss will do depends on the campus. Griffin told attendees that Choruss will take different forms on different campuses, with each operating as a sort of business model laboratory where participating labels could experiment with different offers and prices. The results of these experiments could then be applied to public ISPs like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

The overarching strategy, however, remains the same—offer a blanket monthly per-student fee to cover the use of all music downloading taking place on college campuses including, and especially, P2P networks.
Griffin said he expects the first implementations of the Choruss effort to begin in the upcoming academic school year with a handful of as-yet unnamed campuses.