Nokia over the weekend halted sales of its much-heralded Xpress Music phone just days after its Feb. 26 debut, citing technical glitches plaguing the device.

Most notably, the devices were unable to connect to AT&T's 3G network, which is the operator's higher-speed wireless connection. Users could still make phone calls, send text messages and transmit data, but only using the lower-speed EDGE network.

Additionally, the phone's earpieces were not sufficiently protected from moisture, which could impact their performance. Nokia is now selling the European model of the Xpress Music phone until the problems can be resolved.

The device is a iPhone-like touchscreen phone that boast 8GB of storage, access to the Nokia Music Store and other multimedia features.

In other Nokia news, on the heels of launching the Comes With Music service in Singapore, the company is shooting to remove DRM protection from the tracks acquired via the offer. Former Sony Music executive Adam Mirabella, now director of global digital music retail for Nokia, was quoted in Asian publications as saying DRM-free iterations of the service are "on the roadmap" for future implementations of the model.

Mobile entertainment company mSpot launched a direct-to-consumer music service that lets fans create their own custom ringtones. The company, which provides the Make UR Tone service to AT&T and Sprint customers on certain phones, has more than 400,000 songs available for the customization feature. But the site is available only to Sprint and AT&T users.