As part of its ongoing battle against online piracy, IFPI's Brazilian chapter (ABPD) in conjunction with the country's Cinema and Music Anti Piracy Organization (APCM) joined with Google Brazil to take down what executives are calling the "biggest community exchanging links to illegal music files in Latin America."

The online, music-dedicated community was part of social network Orkut, which has 60 million registered users. The community, called Discografa, had one million registered users who exchanged links to illegal music files. The IFPI estimates links were available to over 2 million tracks. Taking down Discografia involved cooperation from Google Brazil, which owns and houses Orkut.

"We are happy that Google Brazil is working with the music community to maintain a healthy copyright environment online," said Raul Vazquez, regional director for IFPI Latin America.

Efforts to take down Discografia have been ongoing for at least six months. At the core of the conversations was the impact that its demise could have on users of the social network. However, Google was finally convinced in part due to the heavy volume of links to illegal files.

This is the first time one of Google's Latin American operations shuts down a music community exchanging links to illegal files.