A state court judge has refused a request by rapper Lil Wayne to block the release of a documentary titled "The Carter," based on his life. The artist sued QD3 Entertainment - a company owned by producer Quincy Jones III, son of legendary musician Quincy Jones - and Digerati Holdings last month, alleging the company failed to comply a deal that would allow him to have approval of the film's final version, reports Variety.

According to allhiphop.com, the rapper took issues with scenes that displayed his drug use in the documentary, which follows him around Amsterdam. According to the lawsuit, Lil Wayne's manager reviewed "The Carter" in December and requested that the scenes be removed. But in January, when the film premiered during the Sundance Film Festival, the scenes were still in the film.

In fact, the film was described in the Sundance program as having "unbelievable access to Lil Wayne's public and private lives. [Director Adam Bhala Lough] captures remarkably candid moments, such as Lil Wayne recounting his first sexual experience, as well as him talking openly about his drug habits."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Mink denied a request for a preliminary injunction, which would have kept QD2 from distributing the project. "We're very pleased with the court's decision," Quincy Jones III told Variety. "We made a great film, which was incredibly well received at Sundance, and showcases Lil Wayne's extraordinary talent."