Verizon announced its first national partnership with a regional Mexican band, Los Tigres del Norte, at the Billboard Latin Music Conference.

Flanked by Jorge and Hernan Hernández, founding members of the iconic norteño group, Ed Ruth, director of Digital content and programming for Verizon Wireless, unveiled details on the new alliance, which includes the release of an exclusive, four-track EP for Verizon costumers. The EP will be available in July, and customers will be able to buy either individual tracks or all four. The tracks will initially be sold exclusively on Verizon. The partnership will also include tour promotion, marketing and multiple actions that will allow fans to engage with Los Tigres, including the possibility to send text messages requesting songs during concerts as well as ticket sales via Verizon phones.

Although the tracks that will be on the EP are still to be determined, Los Tigres members mentioned that, several years ago, they had released a song titled "El Celular" (The Cellphone), which could be re-recorded for the Verizon campaign.