Warner/Chappell Music Latin America has partnered with Warner Music Group's recorded music division on a digital initiative to benefit its artists and songwriters globally.

The publisher has joined with Warner Music Latin America in order to connect with fans via digital platforms in Latin America, U.S. and other worldwide markets.

In a statement, WMG says the partnership will provide "an additional means to nurture talent and further expand its Hispanic repertoire." The deal will provide opportunities for Hispanic artists, new and emerging, who are unaffiliated with a label to sign with Warner/Chappell Music Latin America for the production of new recorded music content or the continued development of existing masters.

The recordings will be globally promoted and distributed by Warner Music Latin America via its network of online and mobile partnerships. Selected artists will also be given the opportunity to sign directly with Warner Music Latin America.

The partnership between WMG's Latin publisher and recorded music division will extend to co-operating on a dedicated web and WAP portal that will act as a discovery and retail destination, as well as a method for unsigned songwriters and artists to submit material for consideration.

"We're delighted to be building on our existing range of services to offer our artists and songwriters access to powerful digital capabilities in Latin America and across the world," said Gustavo Menendez, regional director, Warner/Chappell Music, Latin America, in a statement. "In the increasingly complex, ever-evolving entertainment landscape, some of our writers and artists are looking to us to help them find new ways to reach their audience. This new venture is an innovative, flexible solution offering digital expertise and opening up new opportunities for artists' on going careers."

Alfonso Perez-Soto, VP, business development, Warner Music Latin America, added: "The scale, strength and sophistication of our digital presence and skill-set provides this initiative with a highly responsive global platform through which new artists can explore communication with an audience and well-known stars can grow their following. Complimenting our own A&R successes in Latin America by working with Warner/Chappell's talent spotting team will be an exciting way to further expand and diversify our impressive regional repertoire."

"Nocturno Beat," the second solo set by the Peruvian singer Diego Dibos, was this week the first album to be distributed under the partnership, making it available for the first time outside Peru. The first single, "Si Tu Te Vas," has already been distributed to digital platforms such as iTunes, AOL Latino, Imeem, and Movistar carriers in the Andean Region.

Grammy-nominated Puerto Rican alternative band Polbo is due to put out its second album, "Limonada," via the digital platform. And Argentinean classical composer and pianist Fernando Otero will also release his new album "Material" under the digital partnership.