Terry McBride, chief executive of Nettwerk Music Group, says that Lilith Fair, the successful female-led touring festival that last appeared a decade ago, will re-emerge next year.

"Lilith Fair will look at doing two weeks in the U.K./Europe in 2010," he wrote on his Twitter account. The Web site lilithfair.com also confirms it will return.

When asked for comment from Billboard.biz, McBride would add little. "The only thing that I am saying is that Lilith Fair will be back for the summer of 2010," he responded. Questions about dates and number of acts were not answered.

McBride also refused to confirm whether it would feature Sarah McLachlan, who headlined the festivals that ran between 1997 and 1999, but a Nettwerk publicist said the singer would indeed helm the tour. Acts that played previous Lilith Fair tours included Suzanne Vega, Natalie Merchant, Indigo Girls, Cowboy Junkies, Sheryl Crow, Erykah Badu, Sinead O'Connor and Liz Phair.

Lilith Fair reported 104 shows to Billboard Boxscore from 1997-1999 that grossed $52,937,965 and drew 1,616,500 people.

McBride told Billboard.biz at Canadian Music Week in March that he was running out of ways of keeping McLachlan in the public eye. The singer has not issued a proper studio album, barring the 2006 holiday song effort "Wintersong," since 2003's multi-platinum "Afterglow."