A Sydney magistrate has sentenced a man to nine months jail for piracy offenses, the longest custodial sentence ever handed down for copyright infringement in Australia.

Magistrate Pearce in the Burwood Local Court today sentenced 45-year-old Qing Wang in relation to more than 30 offenses relating to copyright theft. Wang, who had entered a guilty plea, was arrested in May 2008 during a New South Wales police raid on a market in Western Sydney where he was selling illegal music CDs and DVDS.

The Music Industry Piracy Investigations unit welcomed the stiff sentence. "This should be a wake up call to criminals who continue to profit from the hard work and creativity of other Australians," commented MIPI investigations manager Dean Mitchell. "Today the court has sent an important message: that piracy is a serious crime and those involved will be investigated, prosecuted and may ultimately find themselves in jail".

MIPI collaborated with the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft and NSW Police in the investigation.