-- Cinram, which manufactures CDs and DVDS for many major music groups and movie studios, reported a Q1 2009 loss of $22.3 million on revenue $303 million - a 19% revenue drop versus the same period last year. CD revenue dropped 30% to $37 million and its share of total revenue dropped to 12% from 14%. Revenue from home video dropped 21%. The company is currently reworking its debt structure. Last month, the company announced plans to close a factory in Indiana and eliminated 330 jobs. (Earnings release)

-- Qtrax received a resolute thumbs-down from the Associated Press. Here's a sample: "It's too bad that the service is hampered by confusing, cluttered desktop software that can make it difficult to find the songs you crave." That review is one of only a handful to be written since the free, ad-supported service re-launched last month. The lack of coverage is a clear indication of Qtrax's lack of momentum. (AP)

-- Nearly half of the nearly 2,000 TorrentFreak readers get their torrents from private sites. (TorrentFreak)

-- Close to folding a few months ago, Relix Magazine, along with Relix.com, and Jambands.com were acquire by the newly formed Relix Media Group, LLC from previous owner Zenbu Media. The magazine will be relauched with a June issue, out next week. (Folio)

-- Twitter accounted for just over 20% of the sales - the number three revenue driver - of a new Jimmy Eat World album on the first day of its release. The takeaway? Results will vary, but some artists will have the right message, the right product and the right group of fans to create good results. In this case, the band had over 200,000 Twitter followers, mentioned the album many times before its release and created a hash tag (#claritylive) so fans could comment on the release. (Topspin Blog)

-- Nokia's Comes With Music service has launched in Mexico through Telcel. This will not move the needle much as Mexico is a small market for recorded music. Nokia said it will launch Comes With Music in the U.S. later this year. (Softpedia)

-- Two market research firms predict digital content in an average U.S. home will be 12 terabytes by 2014 and half the data will be commercial content (like files from CDs and DVDs). The two believe facts such as remote storage access, privacy protection and metadata will be key differentiators for storage providers. (Internet News)

-- Bug Music Publishing has entered into a publishing agreement for all future compositions with artist and songwriter Exene Cervenka, co-lead vocalist of X, the seminal punk rock band; and the Knitters, the American roots band. The deal will include her compositions on her upcoming solo album on Bloodshot Records, to be released later this year.

Additional item by Ed Christman.