A BitTorrent tracking site akin to the Pirate Bay - Mininova - reportedly is implementing a copyright filtering system to stave off legal action against it. The site's co-founder, known only as "Niek," told TorrentFreak that the content filtering system would recognize and remove any torrent files that link to infringing material. It also is meant to prevent the same torrents from being uploaded again at a later time.

He did not name the company providing the technology, but said Mininova would be testing the system for the next 12 weeks with a select number of files to ensure it works, and that the trial was being done in conjunction with "an association representing several TV/movie content owners" which he didn't name.

Mininova has a court date scheduled this May 20 in the Netherlands. The anti-piracy group BREIN is suing the company to force it to implement filtering technologies that would block results pointing to unauthorized copyrighted content.

It's difficult to say whether this is fallout from the recent Pirate Bay verdict, or an evolution of the Mininova service. Unlike the Pirate Bay, Mininova has complied with requests to remove unauthorized material.