iLike is expanding its social music service to new platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and the iPhone, as well as introducing a new data feature for artists who use it to promote their music.

Hoping to address the problem many artists have with updating multiple social networking services with new information and content, iLike is now syndicating changes to artists' profiles on these other services.

For instance, artists can now link their iLike and Twitter accounts so they can simply Tweet once and have it appear on Twitter, Facebook and iLike profile. And when new music, videos or concert listings are added to the artists' iLike page, an alert will go out of the change on Twitter.

Integration with YouTube is similar. If a new video is added to iLike, that same video will appear on the artists' YouTube page. Concert listing will be updated on MySpace pages, and artist can add music to their Facebook profiles.

For the iPhone, iLike has created a template that artists can use to create iPhone applications that mirror their iLike profiles, including photos, video, music buy links, and so on, for a one-time fee of $99, plus a 50-50 split if any artists decide to sell the resulting app rather than give it away.

As for the new data feature, iLike has added a pay premium stat service for a flat rate of $100 per year, which provides more granular details about how fans are using artists iLike profiles.

For more details on the new services, and an update on iLike's progress, check back for a full interview with CEO Ali Partovi on