Imeem has followed up the mobile version of the service it created for the G1 Android phone on T-Mobile with a new iPhone app, which will become available in Apple’s App Store May 20.

According to the company, the app will allow fans to create custom playlists, get personalized music recommendations and download songs from iTunes. It also includes MyMusic, a feature that lets users browse and stream their any of the 20,000 songs imeem allows them to upload to their imeem profile via the iPhone. That’s about 80 GB of music accessible from the iPhone without having to store any of it directly on the phone, which only has between 8-16 GB of capacity.

It will be a free app, and just like the Android version will be fully supported with advertising. At launch, it will not have a brand sponsor—as the Android app did in Kia—but the company says it is in talks with several companies now and expects to announce something soon.