-- Customized personal radio service Slacker raised $9.6 million in new venture funding in its fourth round, according to a recent regulatory filing. It is aiming for $10.2 million in total. Specific investors were not disclosed.

-- comScore released its list of top music destinations online. It's a mix of music services and major label Web sites, and is based purely on traffic, not number of songs streamed or any other metric.
The full list is below:
1. AOL Music (28,634,778)
2. MySpace Music (27,423,200)
3. Yahoo Music (20,578,092)
4. MTV Networks Music (18,543,442)
5. ArtistDirect Network (12,193,996)
6. MSN Music (7,352,016)
7. Jango Music Network (6,921,809)
8. Universal Music Group (6,240,440)
9. Imeem (6,162,165)
10. Project Playlist (6,043,186)
11. Rhapsody (6,014,385)
12. Sony Music Entertainment (3,900,618)
13. Lyricsmode.com (3,804,775)
14. Last.fm (3,740,479)
15. WindowsMedia.com Music (3,054,952)

-- Another successful iPhone app, another lawsuit. A company called Tune Hunter has filed a lawsuit accusing music ID service Shazam, as well as any other mobile operator and device manufacturer that partnered with the company, for patent infringement. The full list of defendants named, along with Shazam, includes Samsun, Apple, Amazon, Napster Motorola Gracenote, Verizon Wireless, LG Electronics, AT&T Mobility and Pantech Wireless. For some reason, the company forgot Research and Motion, T-Mobile and Facebook, which also run the Shazam app. Tune Hunter's patent was awarded in 2005, but Shazam and its technology have been around since 2002. The company is asking for monetary damages and an injunction. The case was filed in Texas. (CNET)