MySpace Music is introducing its first original programming feature called the MySpace Music Feed, a weekly series of short-form videos of exclusive performances, interviews and behind the scenes footage.

The first installment will air tomorrow (May 28), featuring performances by Eminem, and an interview with Passion Pit. Subsequent episodes will appear on the MySpace Music main page every Monday, co-hosted by hip-hop artists Jordyn Taylor and indie artist Steven Smith.

Each 3 to 5 minute installment will focus on new music releases expected that week, in an effort to guide members to artists on MySpace Music. Much of it will feature acts that have performed at MySpace-sponsored events, such as its Secret Shows initiative, but won't be limited to just those who do, according to the company. The company also expects to feature artists who use MySpace Music in innovative ways to promote their music or interact with fans, but gave no examples.

The Music Feed landing page will also feature links directly to the profiles of the acts featured in that week's episode, as well as links to buy their music. McDonalds McCafe is sponsoring the program.