-- More on the copyright decisions of Judge Sotomayor, President Obama's choice for the soon-to-be-vacant seat on the Supreme Court. An example: "Congress's provision allowing for a greater award where willful infringements are found, however, indicates that statutory damages serve the dual purposes of the Copyright Act-compensation and deterrence." (Links to decisions at Exclusive Rights, via Copyrights & Campaigns)

-- Two New Jersey assemblymen are drafting a proposed bill that would prohibit the selling of tickets on the secondary market before they are available for sale on the primary market. In addition, the bill would require promoters to break down the distribution of tickets to specify who many and the location of tickets given to family, friends, fan clubs, ticket brokers, etc. Ticketmaster has already adopted a policy not to sell or list for sale tickets on a secondary site before they are available to the public at Ticketmaster.com. (Ticket News)

-- Insight into the upcoming, just-announced Microsoft Zune HD: "The Zune HD isn't going to be the super-device that some geeks had been hoping for. It will play games--just like today's Zunes, which ship with a couple simple games--but it won't be a full-fledged gaming device like the Sony PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS. It won't have its own application store, although Microsoft hinted it might connect to the forthcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which could let third-party apps like Facebook and Pandora find a home on the device. ... Will these features be enough to get users to choose a Zune HD instead of an iPod Touch? The main difference seems to be HD Radio." (Digital Noise)

-- A hands-on review of the Zune HD is featured at blog Engadget - and it's a positive one. "The thing kind of rocks. In your hand the Zune HD has a nice, solid feel, with good heft to it and a surprisingly thin profile. The OLED screen looks absolutely stunning -- even at severe viewing angles, colors were super bright, edges were crisp, and text looked beautiful. The UI is an extension of the existing Zune interface, but way tricked out in this version, with lots of flipping images, scaling text, smooth scrolling, and an extreme emphasis on simple visual navigation." (Engadget)

-- On August 9, 2009, the U.S. Copyright Office will increase some fees having to do with registration and licensing division services for detailed information. (mi2n.com)

-- Jay-Z and Eminem are contributing to the upcoming DJ Hero game, according to a USA Today article. Both artists are providing songs for the game's soundtrack and a limited edition version of the title will ship with an exclusive new greatest hits CD from them both, which may-or-may-not include previously unreleased music. That limited edition will also include an upgraded turntable controller, turntable stand and DJ-esque metal traveling case. Jay-Z tracks reportedly include "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" and "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." Eminem has, so far, remained silent on his contributions. Overall, there are more than 100 songs from 80 different artists expected. No release date has yet been announced. (USA Today)

Additional item by Antony Bruno.