Apple fans hoping for a new iPhone were not disappointed by the company's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation.

As expected Apple introduced a iPhone device, dubbed the iPhone 3GS. While identical in look and feel to past devices, the new version has a better cameraphone-3 megapixels-and the ability to capture and edit video, a first for the series. It also supports voice command, allowing users to verbally ask for the name of any song playing on the device, or requests to play similar songs via the Genius recommendation technology.

For those with existing iPhones, Apple also introduced the iPhone OS 3.0, which will be available for download June 17. In addition to various feature upgrades such as cut-and-paste, multimedia messaging support and a cool "Find My iPhone" capability that helps users locate lost devices by tracking its GPS location data online, the new technology also aids application developers in several ways.

For starters, developers can now add subscriptions and in-app purchases, so long as it was a paid application to start with. Developers can't give away a free application and then charge for monthly access or new downloadable content after the fact. It also allows for better iPod integration, such as letting users play music from their stored music library as the soundtrack for certain games.

As usual during these events, a slew of new applications were unveiled. One, from Line 6 and Planet Waves, allows users to control their electric guitars and amps from the iPhone, although the demo didn't work onstage during the keynote.

One noticeable absence was CEO Steve Jobs, who remains on temporary leave from the company as he recuperates from various health issues. Speculation was high that he'd make a showing in advance of the event.