The Black Eyed Peas are "trying to up our game" for the group's headline tour supporting its just-released new album, "The E.N.D.," according to Fergie.

The Peas' female member tells that the she and her bandmates will go into rehearsals for the headline portion of their tour later this summer, after a run of festival appearances in North America and Europe. "It's going to be the biggest tour, production-wise, that we've ever done. We're actually planing for that now, which we've never done before -- actually plan for a tour. It's usually just learn the songs by performing at festivals and that's our show. But now we're stepping it up. We had some visuals before, but now we are going to have a lot more, and we're really excited about that."

Fergie says the Peas will "utilize a lot of the technology that's out there" but adds that it's "too early" to get into specifics. "We're just now getting together what we're going to do for the festivals and are kind of just making an outline and putting in what we would like to happen (for the tour). So I can't really talk about it yet."

The Peas' itinerary for the next three months include stops at the Virgin Festival in Montreal, the Glastonbury Festival in England, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and the Outland Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco, among others, before heading to Japan in September. The group also opens five U2 shows in October.

"That's going to be amazing," Fergie notes. "I remember going to see U2 in high school -- I went on two different dates to U2 concerts, so now to be on that stage, it's going to be challenging. We definitely have to bring it at those shows."

Fergie will also be visible this fall in "Nine," Academy Award-winning director Rob Marshall's film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical. Due out in late November, it also stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench and Kate Hudson, and bills Fergie under her real name, Stacy Ferguson.

"That experience was amazing. It was a breath of fresh air that I needed from touring," Fergie says. "So many of those actors are just the best in the game, and Rob...I have nothing but amazing words to say about him. I really loved it."