Will Michael Jackson's last will and testament be honored by his relatives?

That's the question right now as the Jackson family and Michael's team try to figure out what exactly is going on and who is in charge.

As it stands now, Jackson has left a signed will with former attorney and partner John Branca. Branca was the lawyer who helped Jackson buy ATV Music Publishing in the 1980s, then merge with Sony Music Publishing in the early 90s. The result was like giving Jackson a billion dollar bank account, which he leveraged over and over to accommodate his huge financial needs.

But Joseph Jackson, Michael's father, told People.com that the family is being kept in the dark about Michael's will. Of course, Jackson knows that anything he says right now will just be picked up by the press, whether it's accurate or not.

But according to sources, the Jackson family hasn't even contacted anyone from Michael's legal team. And Joseph Jackson - who is said to have instigated a lawsuit against Michael by All Good Productions over the promise of a family concert in New Jersey - can't be too happy that he's not the executor of his son's estate.

-- Nielsen Business Media