Oscar Flores, GM of Representaciones Artisticas Apodaca, and Kudai manager Pablo Vega have joined forces to form a new booking agency focused on pop acts. FV Live will initially have its offices in Mexico City but will eventually open an office in Houston, Tex., where Apodaca also has an office, Vega tells Billboard.

Artists to be booked by FV Live include Kudai, which Vega manages and which Apodaca was booking, and Elefante, for which Apodaca previously handled both booking and management. Other acts on the FV Live roster include Chilean singer-songwriters Koko Stambuk and Francisca Valenzuela, which Vega also manages, as well as Argentine artists Axel and Infierno 18 for Mexico bookings. In addition to booking, FV Live will provide publicity and promotional support to labels and managers locally, says Vega.