-- UK artist Mams Taylor is promoting his new album tHe R-eVoLuTiOn oF rUnK" by making it available as a free download exclusively on P2P service Mininova. The BitTorrent tracking service has emerged as one of the leading replacements to the Pirate Bay, and is under legal fire in its native Amsterdam. Its president hails the promotion as an example of how the music industry can use P2P for marketing purposes.

-- Verizon Wireless officially entered into the application download game - a la the iPhone's App Store and Blackberry App World - after CEO John Killian revealed the operator plans to launch one by the end of the year. The announcement came during Verizon's second-quarter conference call yesterday, with more details unveiled at today' Developer Community Conference. It also unveiled a Developer Advisory Board created to give feedback on how the app store should be built and evolve over time. Members include executives from personalized radio provider Slacker, mobile music and media company Zed, and several mobile game developers.