U.S. social music discovery service iLike has introduced a new iPhone app designed to alert users when artists they like will be playing in their area.

The Local Concerts app scans the music on the iPod Touch or iPhone and provides a customer concert listing for the artists stored in the device. An option will then alert uers whenever one of those artists announces a local concert, in the United States and even provides maps to the venue.

Adding to the social element, users can share this information with friends who don’t have the app, or who aren’t even iLike users, through a simple e-mail.

“This app beats our own existing service and takes it to a new level,” says iLike CEO Ali Partovi. “Whenever we approach a new platform, we don’t just take what we’ve got and slap it in there. We look at what’s unique about the platform.”

iLike launched an early version of the app over a month ago, but never announced it. The new version added the alerts and music scanning functions, which Partovi says is the heart of the service. Existing versions of iLike require some type of set-up process to learn what music users like best. The Local Concerts app does so automatically.

“Literally the instant you install it, it’s automatically personalized to your entire music collection,” says Partovi. “It’s a new, unique, killer feature. “

Additionally, iLike says more than 250 artists are using the company’s iPhone app system to recreate their iLike pages for the device. Artists involved include Enrique Iglesias, Sonic Youth, Lady Antebelum and Pete Yorn.