Posting, a practice formerly shunned by the radio industry is finally taking hold. A year after Radio One instituted a scheduling and verification system in Houston, the radio group has decided to roll out posting to the rest of its 52 stations in 16 markets.

As Arbitron continues to roll out the portable people meter ratings service to top markets, stations can now provide advertisers and agencies with quicker ratings feedback regarding schedule delivery on par with TV.

"Until now, ad agencies have had to wait several weeks, even months, to learn if the radio schedule they purchased actually delivered the audience their client expected. Now agencies can proactively receive an automated 'posting' report daily, weekly or at the end of the schedule," said Laruen Russo, senior VP and director of local radio for Horizon Media. "Radio becomes a much more viable and accountable medium when you can avoid under-delivery problems before the invoice even arrives."

Powering Radio One's posting initiative, dubbed Accountability One, is a software program from Pickle Programs. The system allows Radio One to generate reports for advertisers detailing weekly delivery of radio schedules for comparisons between the scheduled cost per point with the negotiated cost per point by broad day parts.

"With this revolutionary software, we can provide accountability via proof of performance within two to three weeks," said Barry Mayo, president of Radio One's radio division. "Leading the way in this important industry innovation will result in increased shares for radio."

At the very least, radio is likely to be seen as a more accountable medium.

In addition to Radio One, another 150 radio stations have committed to Pickle's posting systems. CBS Radio, for example is trying out the system in Seattle.