The Melbourne Magistrates Court has handed a criminal conviction to an Australian man who played a leading role in a global piracy operation.

Mathew Zore operated a sophisticated international CD and DVD operation from Bentleigh East in Melbourne's outer suburbs, the court heard.

Australian Federal Police seized more than 100 different illicit Michael Jackson titles following a series of raids. Authorities discovered a cache of more than 7,000 infringing discs at Zore's home, which had been prepared for sale around the world.

The arrest followed an international investigation involving U.K. authorities, the Australian Federal Police and investigators from Music Industry Piracy Investigations unit and the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft.

The conviction, commented MIPI investigations manager Dean Mitchell, "reinforces the music industry's ongoing commitment to pursuing pirates and serves as a reminder that this type of conduct will result in criminal prosecutions."

Zore was also fined $24,000 Australian ($20,200) plus prosecution costs yesterday (Aug. 12). Magistrate Hawkins took into account his plea of guilty.