U.K. pop act Robbie Williams' comeback single, "Bodies" (Virgin), has debuted at European radio ahead of its October release.

The single is the first from his new set, "Reality Killed the Video Star," which was produced by Trevor Horn. The album is out Nov. 9, following the Oct. 12 physical release of "Bodies" and the Oct. 11 digital release.

On his blog, Williams acknowledged that the track was never destined to be a single but it became a contender thanks to Horn's production. "He's added something to the record that I haven't had on previous records - his genius," said Williams in a statement.

"Bodies" is not an obvious pop anthem like previous comeback singles "Feel" or "Tripping," but the production-heavy track is still likely to prove more popular than anything from his previous album, the dance-influenced "Rudebox" from October 2006.

National rock station Absolute Radio in the U.K. is asking its listeners if they want the station to keep playing the track. It is on national top 40 station BBC Radio 1's C-list playlist, although it could well get heavier rotation as the release date approaches.

Williams guested on Chris Moyles' breakfast show on Radio 1 this morning for the debut of the single, which he described as "something cosmic."

"What it means to me is that I'm at a turning point in my career," he said. "This next record decides my path. There have been a few great songs here and there, along the way, but you just forget. You forget what you've done - it's all in the past."

The singer also told Moyles that he would like to work with his old group Take That again.

"I'd actually like to go and do something," he said, explaining that he wanted to wait so it wasn't perceived as an attempt to overcome the reaction to "Rudebox."

"I thought I'll just hold off a little bit and get my album out and then I'll go and play with my mates," he said. "

The 13-track album (including one reprise) includes the songs "Morning Sun," "Blasphemy," "Last Days of Disco," "Difficult For Weirdos" and the single "Bodies."

A deluxe version of the album will be released with expanded packaging and a DVD featuring a documentary and behind-the-scenes footage. And a new song, "Arizona", will be a bonus track on an exclusive version of the album available through iTunes.

The first in a series of iTunes video podcasts is available now. It features Williams talking about the making of his comeback album.

The album will roll out internationally around the U.K. release date, with a U.S. digital release due Nov. 10. According to his label, Williams has sold 55 million albums worldwide.