Mos Def is in a Tokyo hotel room, wearing a bathrobe and smoking a cigarette. He's holding forth on the differences between Japanese and American culture, revealing how impressed he is by the intensity of the local hip-hop fans who have been filling clubs for a week to see him perform.

It's an intriguing look at the thought process behind his charismatic onstage persona—and it's all part of the debut episode of "Embedded," Current TV's new hourlong music documentary program that airs weekly starting Oct. 14.

Besides Mos Def, the initial run of six episodes will feature Common, Ben Harper, Thievery Corporation, Silversun Pickups and the Decemberists.

In an era when networks are slashing production budgets in favor of cheaper, quick-hit reality programming and when informative TV music segments are rarely more than two minutes long, Current TV's "Embedded" is a throwback to a time of pre-YouTube attention spans.

After the first run of six episodes is completed, the channel will...

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