What appears to be a Spanish-language Twitter clone has popped up in the form of Birddi.com, which has the same look and feel as Twitter but with a Spanish interface. Aliado Digital reports that a 19-year-old Argentine named Martin De Lio is behind the site, which also allows messages of 140 characters or less. "We observed that Twitter was scarcely used by Spanish speakers, compared to English speakers, and we felt that Spanish didn't have its own place on Twitter," according to Birddi's blog. "We decided to create Birddi and support the growth of micro-blogging in Spanish, as is happening in the English language."

Billboard's attempts to activate a Birddi account were met with error messages at press time.

In the music world, Latin artists have been taking advantage of direct-to-fan communication via Twitter. Most notably, Juanes announced his controversial "Paz Sin Fronteras" concert in Cuba via his Twitter account, which he also used to dialogue with people about his reasons for doing the show.