Record labels disappointed with the low adoption of music services on mobile phones often say wireless operators need to get more aggressive with their music services if the mobile music market is to escape its current rut.

Careful what you ask for.

Verizon Wireless—already one of the more music-focused operators—is turning up the volume by developing and selling its own artist apps, the first of which is coming from Pearl Jam Oct. 19. Apps from Green Day and Keith Urban will be released in the weeks ahead, and all will precede the launch of the operator's new VCast Apps program—Verizon's answer to the iPhone App Store—which is expected to go live by year's end.

By itself, offering three artist apps is hardly the kind of strong music statement labels are seeking from wireless operators. But it is certainly a notable escalation of Verizon's music strategy, one that could generate as much tension as opportunity between the operator and its music industry partners.

On the positive side...

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