The German companies Kontor Records, Hamburg and Kontor New Media, Hamburg have joined with the Dutch online store Cloud 9 Music, the Dutch Label Armada Music and the U.S. agency Asseri Music Business Solutions, owned by the lawyer Kurosh Nasseri, to start a joint venture in New York under the name Napith Music.

The new company will issue European dance music in the U.S. The first releases of the Napith Music label included a new album from German band scooter and a compilation of the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren.

Kontor Records is a subsidiary of Edel AG in Hamburg that owns 50.19%. Kontor Records releases artists such as Scooter, Alexander Marcus, Tiesto, Filur, Moonbootica, D.O.N.S. and the catalog of the Berlin base label Low Spirit.

Kontor's founder and CEO Jens Thele said in a statement: "This new alliance offers artists to build up a career and a long-term presence in North America."