The show looks like it'll go on for Juan Gabriel in Las Vegas, where he's being honored tomorrow night as the Latin Recording Academy's Person of the Year before performing on the Latin Grammys telecast Thursday night.

The singer testified before a Las Vegas judge Monday during a contempt-of-court hearing related to a 2005 breach-of-contract lawsuit against the singer.

Juan Gabriel had faced the possibility of a bench warrant for his arrest had he not appeared at the hearing, part of an ongoing legal battle by promoter Mauricio Rind to collect on a judgment he won for Gabriel's not performing at a Vegas centennial event four years ago.

Rind had sought to hold Gabriel in contempt of court, alleging that Dept. of Homeland Security documents proved the singer had not even been in the U.S. when he was supposed to be at the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of Las Vegas, as Gabriel had claimed.

After ten witnesses testified yesterday that Gabriel was in Vegas at the time of the event, the court found in his favor and he's continuing to appeal the judgment of several hundred thousand dollars against him.

Calling yesterday's hearing a "circus," Rind's attorney Kevin Hanratty told Billboard, "Not a single witness called could provide any document or any other item of evidence, other than [their] unsupported testimony, that Mr. Gabriel was in Las Vegas at the time of the event."