Coming to a movie theater near you: a Dave Matthews Band concert, complete with flying red beach balls bouncing from fan to fan, right in front of your face. At least, that's the simulated live experience that AEG's new 3D concert film series hopes to replicate, along with other theatrically released live music movies scheduled into 2010.

AEG's Network Live division has partnered with Action 3D to shoot artist performances at its own festivals, such as All Points West, and some it doesn't promote, like C3's Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. With 56 performances so far in its library, AEG will release the first of its feature-length "In Concert 3D" movies Dec. 11-17. The movie compiles performance footage from the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper & Relentless7 and Gogol Bordello on 300-400 screens.

AEG Network Live president John Rubey says those acts are the only ones that have agreements finalized so far, though the company is negotiating more. Rubey notes participating artists can also use the footage for DVD later on if they choose.

Each movie in the series will be between 90 and 110 minutes in length, with the performances compiled either by genre, by individual artist, or by festival (such as a "best of Lollapalooza" movie). AEG Live and Action 3D expect to have recorded over 150 performances by the end of next year, and hope to release one film a month for weeklong runs. They'll be marketed much like any feature film, with in-theater trailers, lobby advertising, and promotions online, at mobile and on local radio stations.

Sony Pictures is also releasing Kenny Chesney's "Summer in 3D" next April.