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-- Spotify has reportedly postponed its launch in the U.S. The company had often said it planned for a launch by the end of 2009. (TechCrunch)

-- A review for the Spotify Android app explains the lure of the smartphone app to the premium version of the music service. Only paid users can use the smartphone apps. “A tenner a month sounds a bit steep - but if you're a real music fan, it's equivalent to a CD every 30 days or 10 tracks a month on iTunes. Still, I was wondering - what true incentive is there to go Premium when Spotify's already giving you so much for free? And then I tried Spotify for Android. Now I get it.” (Computer Weekly)

-- Which online marketing tactics work best for independent musicians? The results of a study of 99 independent Australian musicians distributed by Musicadium can be read in Online Marketing Research Paper. In brief, the study looked at the marketing activities of the 99 artists in comparison to the royalties earned from June 2006 to June 2009. The use of any one online service – YouTube, MySpace, etc. – did not correspond to significantly higher royalties. Instead, whether or not the artist interlinked the various facets of his/her web presence corresponded with higher earnings. Other factors that had a positive correlation with earnings were the offering of free content, having an email list sign-up form and displaying links to buy music at digital retailers. The study was conducted by Dr. Dave Carter of Griffith University. It did not account for CD sales or revenue generated at live performances. (Music Think Tank)

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