The chief executive of Death Row Records has received a court injunction in New York against the Canadian financial company that bankrolled the acquisition of the rap label in January.

Death Row CEO Lara Lavi issued a statement Nov. 18 saying she had been granted a temporary restraining order against New Solutions Group, a Mississauga, Ontario-based company that financed the reported $18 million purchase of the rap label in a bankruptcy auction earlier this year.

In her press statement, Lavi claimed New Solutions and its CEO Ron Ovenden “attempted to usurp her authority without any legal basis.” The restraining order, the statement says, will “help keep the company on the road to its success.”

"I have been very consistent in my message -- I am determined to make Death Row about the artists, their music and their fans while staying grounded to assure the company's future. Thus I am taking the necessary legal steps to ensure this outcome," Lavi said in a statement."

Death Row has a distribution deal with E1.

Phone calls and e-mails to Ovenden and other New Solution executives were not immediately returned at deadline.

Lavi, a musician and lawyer, led the acquisition of Death Row from receivership earlier this year, with backing from New Solutions Capital. Only one executive from New Solutions, Robert Thompson, ever spoke about the deal, and Lavi dissuaded any inquiries about her funding. Lavi told Billboard earlier this year that Ovenden told her to seek out undervalued assets with strong back catalog sales.

According to the filing, Lavi is also suing her former company, WIDEawake Entertainment Group, as well as Thompson and Ovenden. Lavi claims Ovenden made "self-dealing actions" and sought to keep him from making business arrangements on behalf of Death Row.

Founded in 1991, Death Row artists have included rappers Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, among others.