Robbie Williams secures a second week at Billboard's European Albums summit with "Reality Killed The Video Star" (Virgin/EMI), while Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" (Interscope/Universal), in its 21st chart week, again tops European Hot 100 Singles.

Second-week U.K. sales of 85,000 for Williams' album give it a total of 323,000 to last weekend as it slips 2-4 there. It's off the top in Germany and Holland, 1-2, but stays at No. 1 in Austria, debuts at No. 2 in Sweden and No. 12 in Poland, and races 35-7 in Hungary.

Michael Jackson's former European Albums No. 1 "This Is It" (Epic/Sony Music Entertainment) holds at No. 2, and at the sales summit in Hungary, but conceding the lead in the Belgian region of Flanders and Wallony.

Then come three new titles on the pan-European survey, for Norah Jones' "The Fall" (Blue Note/EMI) at No. 3, Leona Lewis' sophomore album "Echo" (Syco Music/Sony Music Entertainment) at No. 4 and Queen's new "Absolute Greatest" compilation (Parlophone/EMI) at No. 5. Jones makes a No. 1 start in Switzerland, No. 3 in Germany and Austria, No. 5 in France, No. 7 in Portugal, No. 8 in Holland and No. 10 in Denmark, climbing 27-1 in Wallony and 18-3 in Flanders. The single "Chasing Pirates" soars 78-6 in Wallony.

Lewis debuts at No. 1 in the United Kingdom, although her opening sales tally of 161,000 is way off the opening four-day sales of 375,000 for its 2007 predecessor "Spirit." The new set is also in at No. 2 in Ireland, No. 3 in Switzerland and No. 8 in Austria.

The apparently limitless market for Queen's hit catalog is underlined by a No. 3 U.K. debut on sales of 102,000, plus appearances at No. 9 in Ireland, No. 10 in Austria and Norway and No. 14 in Portugal.

Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)" (Interscope/Universal) is at No. 6 again on European Albums, its best move of the week 10-3 in Ireland. "I Gotta Feeling" is again Europe's favorite single, falling 1-4 in Italy but rising 19-7 in Holland (where follow-up "Meet Me Halfway" rises 10-8) and 4-2 in Wallony (where only that current single is above it, holding at No. 1). "Halfway" slips 5-6 on European Hot 100 Singles.

There's no European Albums No. 1 this time for perennial region-wide favorites Bon Jovi, whose "The Circle" (Mercury/Universal) is down 3-7 in its third week. It does debut at No. 9 in Sweden and rise 7-6 in Finland.

Michael Bublé's "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner Music) takes a 4-8 tumble overall, despite remaining at No. 3 in Holland and rising 10-9 in Portugal. Sting's "If On A Winter's Night" (Deutsche Grammophon/Universal) is down 7-9 in its fourth week on the European tally, but rests at No. 1 in Poland and records rises of 12-8 in Flanders, 14-8 in Hungary and 19-10 in Wallony.

There's a new entry to complete the Europe-wide top ten, as German duo Ich + Ich's "Gute Reise" (Domestic Pop) debuts at No. 10 on the strength of arriving at No. 1 in Germany, No. 4 in Austria and No. 5 in Switzerland. Its last album "Vom Selben Stern" was a substantial presence on European Albums last year, reaching No. 8 in June during a year of consistent strong sales in the GSA territories.