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-- An analyst at UBS Investment Research believes Apple's purchase of Lala ties into the company's $1 billion data server farm project in North Carolina. Wrote the analyst in a note to investors Monday morning: "We believe the Lala acquisition fits into our view that Apple is building a data center for a service to provide seamless access & mobility of digital content across all of its products, including media-focused content of iTunes and user-generated content of MobileMe. Lala gives Apple browser/Web-based technology to access music anywhere." (Apple Insider)

-- Apple's acquisition of Lala has been a hot topic at online news sites and blogs since the end of last week. On Monday morning, Lala was still being mentioned at Twitter dozens of times every few minutes. And as this graph shows, mentions of Lala in the blogosphere spiked on Friday and stayed high over the weekend.

-- Upon its launch on Tuesday, Vevo will include ads from McDonalds, AT&T and MasterCard, reports Bloomberg. In case you don't remember, McDonalds was an early advertiser at MySpace Music. Its garish yellow and red advertisements made a bold statement when viewed against the site's lighter tones. For a video site, less obnoxious color combinations would be better. (Bloomberg)

-- Record labels in Canada are facing a class action lawsuit for unpaid royalties. At issue is the labels' practice of putting a song on a compilation without gaining prior approval. Such songs are put on a "pending list," which means the approval of copyright holders, and thus payments to these parties, is pending. The list now contains over 300,000 songs. Wrote Michael Geist: "After years of claiming Canadian consumers disrespect copyright, the irony of having the recording industry face a massive lawsuit will not be lost on anyone, least of all the artists still waiting to be paid. Indeed, they are also seeking punitive damages, arguing 'the conduct of the defendant record companies is aggravated by their strict and unremitting approach to the enforcement of their copyright interests against consumers.'" (Toronto Star)

-- The New York Annex of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will close almost a year after opening in Soho. (NY Times)

-- The New York Post has a nice footnote to last week's big acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast. As with many mergers, this one looks good on paper. But what about the two companies' culture, management style and egos? From the Post's Peter Lauria: "If the transition to new ownership isn't handled delicately, the financial and strategic merits of a deal are rendered moot by debilitating infighting. Just ask AOL Time Warner, Sony BMG and Paramount-DreamWorks. Media watchers have to wonder if Comcast and NBCU will face the same ill fate. Their cultures are best embodied by their respective bosses -- Brian Roberts and Jeff Zucker -- who are polar opposites in their styles, according to analysts, former employees and insiders at both companies." (NY Post)

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