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-- France's three-strikes law was to be implemented on January 1, but a report says the country's commission on computer science and freedom (Cnil) will first issue an opinion on the law. Now, says the report, the earliest the new law will take effect (meaning email warnings sent to subscribers suspected of illegal file sharing) would be sent in April. (, via Michael Geist)

-- A section of Bono's Sunday op-ed for the New York Times is getting attention in the blogosphere. In a list of ten ideas "that might make the next ten years more interesting," the U2 singer called for content creators to push ISPs to help content creators fight Internet piracy. "Perhaps movie moguls will succeed where musicians and their moguls have failed so far, and rally America to defend the most creative economy in the world, where music, film, TV and video games help to account for nearly 4 percent of gross domestic product." Nearly two years have passed since Paul McGuinness, U2's manager, began his campaign to hold ISPs responsible for the digital piracy that takes place on their networks. Since then, Sweden and South Korea have implemented tough anti-piracy laws, France passed a similar law and the U.K. is contemplating such measures. In the U.S., however, no such legislation is on the horizon. Expect market-based solutions to dominate anti-piracy schemes in the U.S. while other countries try to regulate away piracy. (New York Times)

-- Google's music search results appear to be favoring iLike (owned by MySpace) over Lala (recently purchased by Apple). When Google began including music streams in search results, streams were evenly split between iLike and Lala. Now, Digital Music News and TechCrunch have tried a variety of artist names and have found Lala is being used in few search results. Out of curiosity, Billboard tried about 20 artist names as well and received iLike streams in every single search result. (Digital Music News)

A snapshot of music business stocks at mid-day on Monday:
Warner Music Group (WMG): $5.80 - UP $0.14 (2.47%)
Sony Corp. (SNE): $30.07 - UP $1.07 (3.69%)
Live Nation (LYV): $8.93 - UP $0.42 (4.94%)
Ticketmaster (TKTM): $12.98 - UP $0.76 (6.22%)
Sirius XM Radio (SIRI): $0.6336 - UP $0.0336 (5.60%)
Cumulus (CMLS): $2.23 - DOWN $0.05 (2.19%)
Citidel Broadcasting Corp. (CTDB): $0.0185 - UP $0.0025 (15.62%)
RealNetworks (RNWK): $3.89 - UP $0.18 (4.85%)
Apple (AAPL): $213.93 - UP $3.198 (1.52%)
Trans World (TWMC): $1.57 - UP $0.06 (3.97%)

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