In its ongoing effort to integrate its streaming music service to as many devices and applications as possible, Napster today unveiled its Napster Access program - a web portal where third-party developers can download the tools needed to add Napster to their products.

However while the program provides a set of open APIs and other tools needed to embed Napster in web applications and connected consumer electronic devices, potential partners will have to forge a more formal partnership with Napster to stream music, allow users to login to their Napster accounts, or create new accounts.

Samsung is one of the first companies to take advantage, adding Napster to its line of Internet-connected TVs. Access to the Napster service will still require a $5 monthly subscription fee after the 14-day trial provided.

Napster parent company Best Buy is keen to embed the service into as many home entertainment devices as possible, whether that's through direct negotiation with device manufacturers for custom products sold in Best Buy locations nationwide, or through more open programs like Napster Access.

Best Buy has a similar developer program called Best Buy Remix, to give developers access to its product catalog, through which it has been testing the Napster Access program for several months.

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