Indie Music Inc, the outfit behind Band Metrics and the Indie Music Tech blog, has unveiled another new digital music service called MusicScout.

MusicScout is a free location-based mobile app for the iPhone and Android-based devices that allows users post reviews, opinions and general thoughts about any concert they're attending. The idea is that artists, managers and club owners can check in to see what's being discussed. The service is also designed to track the most influential music tastemakers and follow their reviews from club to club and band to band.

The company is working on some kind of rewards program to retain users -- as the longer users stay on the system the more impact they have. It's a free app, and is pending approval from Apple.

While the location-aware features of smartphones, like the iPhone, are certainly interesting tools, it's hard to understand the benefit of tagging users posts with location data unless you actually know that person and have permission to know where he or she is. I'm not sure I need to know if the reviewer was at club X when posting his or her review of a band I've never heard of before.

It's also less clear how managers and artists can use this data. Sure it's good to get venue-based feedback (does the sound at one club sound better to the crowd that the sound of another?) but it seems unlikely an iPhone app will be the difference-maker in that effort.

But who knows? There's a lot left unsaid about this MusicScout app and the company may have some more innovative new features in mind for the future. Maybe users will offer recommendations included in a future update.

Nobody really knows what's going to take hold with music fans, so better to get a product into the market and see how users respond than do nothing.