A number of artists have teamed up with Gracenote to lend their voices to the company's CarStars personalized in-car entertainment system.

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, Train's Pat Monahan, Cartel's Will Pugh and Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta will not only lend their voices to the system, but also create genre-based playlists and recommend new music.

From the press release:
“CarStars is designed to create a customized user interface and music experience tailored to a driver's specific tastes. Drivers will be able to incorporate their favorite celebrity voices and images into their music collection. For instance, a rock fan can "theme" their car with Pete Wentz delivering tailored playlists, while pop punk lovers might opt to "pimp their rides" with Will Pugh or Gabe Saporta as their music guides. With the simple touch of a button or a voice command, motorists will be able to transform their themes to fit their mood or driving circumstances. For example, if a driver is cruising along the beach, the system might have Pat Monahan recommend music for a scenic drive. Or, if a driver is going 200 kilometers an hour on the Autobahn, Wentz might suggest firing up some of his own rock tunes. The CarStars platform is designed to be dynamic, with the ability to easily incorporate new music the driver might want to add to their collection.

CarStars will use technology that transforms the actual celebrity's voice into almost any language, resulting in a global solution for auto manufacturers. This means car makers can have celebrities speaking English in North American cars, Japanese or Chinese for their Asian models, or French or German for the European market -- regardless of the celebrity's native language. CarStars also allows motorists across the globe to select the languages in which they want to experience the featured artists.

The system also includes the creation of Text-to-Speech engines in the celebrity's voice in multiple languages so that dynamic content can be delivered to the vehicle in the language of choice of the user. For example, real time information such as news, and new music releases, will be able to be delivered to the system and delivered to the consumer in the celebrity voice.”