The 17th German ECHO Klassik awards will be presented on Oct. 17, 2010 in the Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia) Philharmonic hall.

The presentation of the awards will take place as part of the events in the Ruhr district surrounding the European cultural capital RUHR 2010. It was announced in Berlin by the German Phono Academy, the cultural institution of the German association of the music industry, BVMI.

"The awards show will certainly be the cultural highlight of RUHR 2010. This year again world class artists are expected to come to the ECHO Klassik," said BVMI spokesman Daniel Knöll.

The prizes are awarded to outstanding international and national artists, and since 1996 the Klassik ECHO awards show has been broadcasted as TV gala in partnership with the German TV broadcaster ZDF.

"We are happy that this year again we can present the ECHO Klassik to a wide audience together with our partner ZDF. The 15th TV [broadcast] promises to be an outstanding TV-show," said Knöll.