Cárdenas Marketing Network (CMN), the event marketing and sponsorship company specializing in the Latin market and with offices in Miami and Chicago, is opening its West Coast offices in Los Angeles, Calif.
CMN’s L.A. office will be headed by Ingrid Martínez, the company’s L.A.-based project manager. CMN has seen its business—which includes concert tour promotion—grow in the past few years, with the company increasing its staff by 20% in the last 12 months.

Last year CMN produced over 1,000 events, including concerts for the likes of Ricardo Arjona and Marco Antonio Solís; “Vive Tu Musica with 5 Gum,” a national battle of the bands competition; and “Planeta Wrigley,” billed as the nation’s largest multicultural traveling marketing tour.

“Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and a critical market for our business and clients,” said Elena Sotomayor, executive VP of marketing and sales for CMN. “We felt this was the right time to establish a bigger presence in that area as many of our programs for 2010 and beyond will take place in Southern California.”

CMN was founded in 2003 by Henry Cárdenas, who prior to launching that company had concert promotion firm Cárdenas Fernández.