Broadband Internet access continues to grow at a rapid clip, averaging 8.8 million new subscribers worldwide each month, according to In-Stat. By 2013, the research firm expects the number of global broadband subscribers will be greater than 1 billion.

From the report:
"The growing popularity of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as watching online video, using IP-based telephony services, and downloading music files, is spurring global demand for broadband Internet connections," says Mike Paxton, In-Stat analyst.

* As of December 2009, there were 578 million worldwide broadband subscribers, an increase of 99 million over the year-end 2008 subscriber total.

* DSL, mobile wireless, and cable modem service are the leading access technologies, providing 89% of worldwide broadband connections.

* Mobile wireless broadband is the second largest access technology (behind DSL) with 18% of total subscribers.

* Over the next few years, the number of households with multiple broadband connections will increase significantly. These multiple connection households will commonly have a wired broadband access technology, like DSL or cable modem service, along with a mobile wireless broadband connection.