Internet and cable provider Comcast reportedly is mulling a streaming music service for both ISP and cable TV subscribers. TechCrunch says Comcast may offer the service as an optional add-on for around $5 a month. It's not clear if Comcast will build the service itself or if it will resell that of a partner such as Rhapsody.

Comcast has offered Rhapsody to ISP subscribers for several years, but has never revealed how many customers have adopted the service. It also was not available through the cable box.

Such a service would be a nice step to smooth relations with the music industry, which is trying to enlist ISPs to do more to curb music piracy. Many in the music industry would like to see a flat fee added to all ISP accounts as a sort of blanket license to cover the rights to all manner of music access, including peer-to-peer file sharing, so this may be Comcast's effort to get ahead of that with a more opt-in approach.

Representatives from Comcast did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

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