Spain's authors' and publishers' collecting society SGAE has presented its new integral project for the music, cinema and theater sectors called SGAE 360, during the MIDEM trade fair.

SGAE says its SGAE 360 project covers all the steps in the value chain for authors and publishers, such as the creation of the work, the recording of the record, its marketing, distribution and concert organiszing, as well as training.

The system is open to other collecting societies, to Internet service providers (ISPs), and promoters and start-ups.

SGAE 360 basically groups many of the existing SGAE services available to its 95,000 members - many in Latin America and including US Latin artists - under one umbrella for the first time.

Some 360 services will be free, such as documentation, promotion and the inclusion of the artist's songs in online stores. And things that must be paid for - certain courses, renting the SGAE's high-technology center (CATA) studios in Madrid to record tracks, etc - cost "much less" than market prices.

SGAE 360 complements the traditional function of SGAE as the fifth largest collecting society in the world and the biggest in the Latin music sector. It represents three million works used by more than 300,000 clients.

Musicians can also distribute and market their work through more than 200 online stores with which SGAE has signed accords, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and eMusic. Promotion will be available through SGAE's Internet television, digital radio, e-magazine and social networks.