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-- The Daily Swarm's post about music blogs that have been shut down by Google has raised some eyebrows across the blogosphere. Google's Blogger had received complaints from labels for infringing content hosted by It's a Rap, I Rock Cleveland, and PopTartsSuckToasted, among others. In response, Blogger shut down the blogs in question. "Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers," Blogger wrote in an email to I Rock Cleveland, "we've been forced to remove your blog."

In many cases, Blogger does not specify the infringing content. Music bloggers are left wondering what song helped generate the complaint. That could frustrate music bloggers who are frequently given MP3s and download links by labels and publicists. The proprietor of I Rock Cleveland had earlier notified Blogger that every track posted in roughly the last two years "has either been provided by a promotional company, came directly from the record label, or came directly from the artist." Many other music blogs steer clear of posting anything they think would land them in trouble. "I don't post anything that's not approved, and obviously nothing on major labels," Gorilla vs Bear's Chris Cantalini told The Guardian. "But apparently that doesn't matter in some of these cases." One likely scenario is that two different parts of the same body were not in communication. In the past, labels have been known to complain about specific tracks that were hosted by bloggers given either explicit or implicit permission by representatives of the artist or label. (Daily Swarm)

-- Digital distributor the Orchard renewed its $3 million credit facility until February 2011. (SEC filing)

-- Zad Mobile has acquired eMotive Communications, a developer of commercial P2P applications for mobile phones. eMotive's RingJam enables phone-to-phone transmission of licensed music and video clips. (Press release)

-- In what may be the first time a band has re-formed to perform for a major newspaper, rock band Tsar played a 26-minute set at the Los Angeles Times' headquarters. The Times' Pop & Hiss blog posted video of the set as well as an MP3 of a new song, "Girls (Try To Be Cool)." Not a bad way to push a newspaper into the 21st century. The band's 2000 debut came out on Hollywood Records and its 2005 follow-up was released by TVT Records. (Pop & Hiss)

-- O2 has secured a sponsoring partnership with Shazam. Ads will be served to Shazam users for O2’s Priority Ticket service, which allows customers to purchase tickets to events at the O2 and O2 Academy venues 48 hours before they go on sale to the general public. Over 50 million users globally have installed Shazam's music identification mobile app. (Brand Republic)