Update: MTV got back to Billboard.biz with an official statement:
“While we have not made any official announcements regarding Jimi Hendrix and Rock Band, we are excited to say that we are in discussions to bring his music to our platform. Stay tuned.”

That could mean adding Hendrix’s music to the soundtrack for any new Rock Band game -- including the upcoming “Green Day: Rock Band” or any as-yet-unannounced installment of the Rock Band Franchise or even just as downloadable content -- and not necessarily a standalone game based solely on the Hendrix catalog.

Original article:
The ultimate guitar hero will now have his own "Rock Band" videogame. Jimi Hendrix’s stepsister, Janie Hendrix, who controls the late guitarist's estate, let it slip to the L.A. Times that a Hendrix edition of the game will be coming.

The statement was made while discussing the impact of Sony Music’s licensing deal for the Hendrix master recordings last year.

From the article: "At the time the deal was completed, Sony vowed to make his music "available through every type of media" -- including a new edition of Rock Band that Janie Hendrix says should appear before the end of this year."

Officials at "Rock Band" publisher MTV Games or developer Harmonix did not respond to requests for comment by press time. The company in December announced its next artist-based game would be focused on Green Day, with a treatment similar to that of "the Beatles: Rock Band" in which various elements of the band’s career and development are chronicled. It’s unclear whether the Harmonix team has the resources to do both a Green Day and Hendrix special edition in the same year.

However coming out with a Hendrix game this year makes the most sense. There’s certainly no shortage of Hendrix-related material coming out in the coming months as the 40th anniversary of his death approaches this fall. In March, Sony Music will put out a collection of previously unreleased studio recordings, and a special edition iPod Touch bearing the artist’s image is also in the works.