It's no secret that Google is interested in acquiring a streaming music company and it seems another target has entered the mix. CNET reports that the search giant is eyeing L.A.-based Catch Media as a possible solution for providing cloud-based music services. The company's focus is on providing streaming music to multiple devices and platforms, not storing any of the music itself. It has licensing deals with all four major labels.

Google reportedly was interested in acquiring cloud-based music service Lala as well, before Apple snatched it up late last year. Catch is just one of several cloud-based music services that are considered ripe for acquisition, such as Melodeo .

Driving this interest is an expected shift from music downloads to streams, otherwise know as the access over ownership model. Apple is expected to introduce the first major upgrade to iTunes around this very model in the near future.

Google has started the year as an aggressive acquirer. It has already picked up e-mail search app company reMail, social search firm Aardvark, and Web collaboration firm AdJet, and has said it plans to buy a start-up a month going forward.