Name: Bart Decrem
Title: CEO, Tapulous
Panel: App Observations: A Mobile Drilldown (10:45 – 11:30). More info at

Fill in the blank. Money is ______.
Money is not the only way fans can pay for music they love.

At this moment in time, what most worries you about the music business?
I appreciate the tremendous value created by the artists, managers, publishers and labels. I fully recognize that a big part of the success of my business is built on top of that amazing value. Still, it's amazingly hard and full of friction to tap into music and add it into our games, even though our games are so popular, and we have great relationships with the industry all around. There is deep dysfunction at the industry level – [such as] how the different parts of the ecosystem interconnect.

What most encourages you?
Lots of experimentation going on everywhere!

What's the last album you bought?
Kid Sister - Ultraviolet.

What's the most important lesson you've learned while navigating your way through the recession?
Would have never guessed there was a recession going on if you only looked at the iPhone/App Store platform. The platform is on fire.

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