A number of high-profile executive shuffles are taking place throughout the digital services market.

- Ning CEO Gina Bianchini will today announce her departure, to join venture firm Andreessen Horowitz as an executive in residence. She will be replaced by COO Jason Rosenthal. (AllThingsD)

- Google has acquired former Sun Microsystems technical director and known tech guru Tim Bray for its Android team. Bray is the co-inventor of the XML standard, and on his blog noted a dislike for Apple’s approach to smartphone development as a reason for accepting his new role. (CNET)

- Google however also lost a key employee in RJ Pittman, the project manager behind Google’s music search initiative, who has left to join Apple. What he’ll be doing there is not yet clear, but he did work closely with the Apple-acquired Lala on the OneBox music search functionality. (TechCrunch )