While developers have flocked to the iPhone with all manner of new and innovative services, many are still withholding judgment on the iPad until they get a better idea of how people will use the device.

ComScore is attempting to help them with that question through a survey of more than 2,000 Internet users, which among other things indicates that music uses ranked third among the list of likely uses.

Browsing the Internet came in first, with 50% of respondents saying they would likely use the iPad for that purpose, and e-mail came in second at 48%. And 38% said they'd likely listen to music on the device. Music even beat out reading books, albeit only by 1%. Last on the list was playing games (22%).

However, the approach developers and the music industry take to the iPad may be influenced by how few respondents said they'd like to download apps from the iTunes AP Store. That activity ranked second-to-last, with 36% saying they are unlikely to do so.

Meanwhile, the research arm at GigaOm predicts the market for iPad and other tablet applications will reach $8 billion in five years, from $183 million by the end of this year. Other findings include:

-- Downloads of paid apps will represent a bigger percentage of the overall app pie as compared to those for phones. In 2011, 179 million paid apps will be downloaded, and by 2013 that number will reach 630 million.

-- Downloads of apps (both paid and free/ad-supported) will grow to total more than 12 billion by 2015 from 272 million in 2010. While this includes all tablet apps, not just the iPad, the report predicts the iPad will be the market leader in this timeframe.