The CTIA International Wireless convention is underway in Las Vegas, bringing together the leaders of the mobile phone industry to talk policy, technology and new devices and services.

With smartphone sales skyrocketing worldwide, the music and entertainment industries are watching the space closely for new opportunities to profit from what until now has been a relatively disappointing space. A few early tidbits from the conference include:

-Network infrastructure provider Ericsson says data traffic over wireless networks has surpassed that of voice traffic for the first time in December. Global data traffic increased 280% during each of the last two years, and is expected to double annually over the next five. Most of the traffic is credited to the increase in social networking and video.

-New music applications were unveiled from the likes of Tunewiki and FunMobility. TuneWiki’s social music player and lyrics service added a music download store component through a partnership with Neurotic Media, allowing users to download DRM-free MP3 files. FunMobility’s Likwid app is a musical puzzle game that has users piecing together different tracks of a song before hearing the completed work. Participating artists include Fall Out Boy, Smashmouth, Maroon 5, Duran Duran, OK Go, and many more. All songs link to the iTunes store for purchase.

-A number of new mobile phones have already been unveiled, mostly focused on the Android operating system. Sprint introduced an Android-based 4G phone from HTC called the EVO, which offers even greater bandwidth than today’s 3G phones, and is expected to go on sale this summer. Samsung meanwhile launched its Galaxy S Android smartphone. And Motorola continues its push back from obscurity with the i1 Android device.